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If you’re an Electrician looking for LED lighting suitable for indoor and outdoor use Earlsmann Lighting can help.

Earlsmann work closely with Electricians helping them to find the right solution to all their lighting requirements.

Some of the facilities and areas we work in are:

  • Street Lighting
  • Car Parks
  • Offices, apartments, warehouses, museums, hotels, hospitals and retail outlets
  • Stairwells, corridors and footpaths
  • Sports facilities including sports halls, recreational areas, gyms and swimming pools
  • Stations & platform areas

Making the switch to LEDs has never been easier, they provide instant, measurable benefits in lower maintenance costs and reduced power consumption.

By replacing old lighting with new LED lighting your clients will benefit from improved lighting levels resulting in better visibility, a brighter more vibrant environment and a welcoming atmosphere.

Take a look below at our range of LED lighting products and some of our recent projects:

LED lighting suitable for car parks

Coventry LED anti-corrosive fittings

Coventry anti-corrosive LED fittings

Our Coventry range LED’s are purpose-built for industrial environments, including car parks. They can also be used for, warehouses, loading bays and walkways.

The LED tubes included with each fitting last over 50,000 hours, emit no UV and are highly efficient, They also reduce energy costs, helping you to achieve your carbon reduction targets.

Find out more about our Coventry LED range of lighting products.


Bedford LED Car Park / Amenity Light

BEDFORD LED Car Park Light

Our Bedford car park and canopy LED lights provide effective and efficient exterior lighting, and are suitable for public amenity areas and industrial facilities.

The Bedford units use the latest LED technology – combining high-quality lighting levels with a significant reduction in energy use, supporting your carbon reduction targets.
Find out more about our Bedford LED range of lighting products.


Lincoln LED Street Light


The Lincoln LED street light is extremely efficient and low cost making it one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly available today.

The Lincoln uses the latest CREE LED technology to provide unrivalled efficiency – typically using 60% less energy than older low pressure sodium lighting.

Find out more about our Lincoln LED Street Light.


LED Gear Tray


When it is often a requirement to replace only the gear tray in inefficient luminaires to reduce maintenance, running costs and carbon emissions.

Major additional advantages being that the external appearance of the luminaire remains unchanged and there is no structural rework of walls, ceilings or ground ensuring upgrade costs are kept to a minimum.

Find out more about our LED Gear Tray.



InterLED car park

New LED lighting keeps car parks safe and secure

For car parks that are open 24 hours a day, effective lighting is essential to create a safe, secure environment for visitors. LEDs are the ideal solution as they provide bright, uniform lighting and deliver significant energy savings.

For this project Earlsmann worked closely with specialist LED consultant, InterLED, to install new lighting at car parks in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

InterLED selected the Bedford LED amenity light from Earlsmann due to the unit’s ability to offer high-quality light and dynamic dimming through intelligent sensor technology. The newly installed lighting is now providing savings of almost 75% in overall running costs.

Click here to read the full article.

LED lighting suitable for Apartments, Stairwells, Footpaths & Corridors

Turin LED Panel Lighting

Turin LED Panel


The Turin LED panel lights are great quality lights with minimal glare.They are the ideal replacement for older, inefficient 600 x 600 fluorescent suspended ceiling fittings.

The extremely even illumination provided by these energy-efficient units provides excellent lighting that is suited to many applications – from offices and shops to hotels and hospitals.

Find out more about our Turin LED Panel.


Burton LED Bulkhead


Burton LED lighting is suitable for external and internal use, from car parks and walkways to hotels and cold stores.

It’s also ideal as emergency lighting – we can provide units with full three-hour backup right up to 300 lumens. A self-test version is available which helps reduce inspection costs.

Find out more about our Burton LED Bulkhead.


Lincoln LED Street Light


The Lincoln LED is the ultimate in LED street performance.

It is extremely efficient and low in cost, making it one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly LED lights on the market today.

Find out more about our Lincoln LED Street Light.



Telford LED Street Light


The Telford LED Street Light balances performance with efficiency and combines high performance with a stylish and modern appearance.

It is ideal for illuminating footpaths, walkways, car parks and recreation areas as well as “S” class roadways.

The units use 30W cool white LEDs, delivering excellent colour rendering and visibility, full brightness at turn-on, and minimal overspill.

Find out more about our Telford LED Street Light.



Turin LED panel on full

Earlsmann cut the cost of 24/7 lighting with an LED makeover

If buildings or facilities require continuous lighting, you’ll need an energy-efficient solution. The latest LED lighting units offer energy savings of up to 75% over traditional fluorescent units.

Earlsmann, helped Redbridge Council to replace old light fittings in its Oakridge sheltered accommodation property to maximise energy and carbon savings and create a safe, pleasant environment for residents.

Earlsmann provided Burton S LED bulkheads to light emergency exits, and its Stafford and Telford LED flood lights to illuminate footpaths and car parking areas.

Click here to read the full article.

 LED lighting suitable for Sports Facilities

Dover LED Flood Light


The Dover LED Flood Light is suitable for recreation areas, sports halls, sports arenas and swimming pools.They start at full brightness, even in cold conditions – so are ideal for outdoor areas and cold areas.

They are also perfectly suited to sensor operation, helping you to save energy and improve lighting control.

Find out more about our Dover LED Flood Light.


Brighton LED Bay Light


Suitable for leisure centres, in particular gyms and sports halls, the Brighton LED Bay Light is a highly efficient LED lighting unit, reducing energy costs and help you to achieve your carbon reduction targets.

Configure as low bay, high bay, canopy or internal floodlighting; all mounting hardware is included. For the high bay, an optional ‘cosmetic’ disc is available.

Find out more about our Brighton LED Bay Light.


LED Lighting at Hatfield Swimming Pool

LED lighting helps Hatfield’s swimmers see clearly

Earlsmann helped the Finesse Leisure Partnership to refresh the lighting at its Hatfield Swim Centre and designed a bespoke solution based on its Dover LED flood lighting.

By undertaking comprehensive modelling, Earlsmann were able to develop a tailored lighting design suited to the specific needs of Hatfield Swim Centre and its users.

The facilities were becoming increasingly gloomy as more units failed and with our help the swimming pool now has a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for swimmers and divers at the pool.

Click here to read the full article.

Earlsmann manufactures its LED lighting units at its factory in the UK, ensuring a high-quality, reliable product underpinned by a full five-year warranty.

We provide a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

To find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products call us on 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk


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