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LED lighting helps Hatfield’s swimmers see clearly

To support sporting achievement and enjoyment, sports and leisure facilities require high-performance lighting. LEDs are the ideal solution – providing bright, uniform light and delivering significant energy savings. Earlsmann has recently helped the Finesse Leisure Partnership to refresh the lighting at its Hatfield Swim Centre, creating a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for swimmers and divers at the pool.

Taking the plunge – replacing old lighting with LEDs

The traditional SON flood lights at Hatfield Swim Centre were past their best. The facilities were becoming increasingly gloomy as more units failed, with light levels averaging 75 lux and dipping as low as 30 lux in places. Lamps needed replacing frequently – a difficult task due to the location of the lights, high up and above water.

Earlsmann visited the Centre and designed a bespoke solution based on its Dover LED flood lighting. It selected three different power ratings for the replacement lighting units: 50 watt, 90 watt and 150 watts.  The flood lights were located carefully to provide the required lighting levels while also optimising energy efficiency. Each Dover flood light was angled to give maximum uniformity of illumination and ensure 300 lux or more at the pool edge, where bright lighting helps swimmers to enter and exit the water safely.

Making a splash – improving light levels and cutting energy bills

By undertaking comprehensive modelling, Earlsmann was able to develop a tailored lighting design suited to the specific needs of Hatfield Swim Centre and its users. This has resulted in much improved overall light levels and impressive energy savings. The old lighting used 12kW to produce only 75 lux, while the new Dover LED flood lights provide 300 lux for just 4kW – an energy saving of 66%.  To ensure longevity of the lighting units, and therefore minimise the maintenance requirements, the power supply (driver) has active thermal feedback. This controls the lighting output and maintains an optimum operating temperature for the LEDs, preventing premature failure.

Soaking up a brighter, safer environment

With the new lighting in place, swimmers and divers are enjoying a brighter, more vibrant leisure facility. It’s a great place to be, and a safer place too – the new lighting helps divers to see the surface more clearly so they can perform more accurate dives.

During the installation, the contractor, Core Electrical, worked overnight to complete one area at a time, ensuring the pool could remain open to the public throughout. Earlsmann worked closely with Core Electrical throughout the planning stage to ensure the installation went smoothly. Dean Hoar, Director at Core Electrical, confirmed that the company was “very impressed with the product and level of service from Earlsmann”.

hatfield pool (2)



The new LED Dover flood lights provide a bright vibrant environment for swimmers and dives at Hatfield swimming pool


Five-year warranty for total peace of mind

Earlsmann manufactures its LED lighting units at its factory in the UK, ensuring a high-quality, reliable product underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products, call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

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