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Dover LED flood

Product Code: DOV-

Dover LED flood lighting is best for…

  • Warehouses, loading bays and aisles
  • Cold stores and freezer rooms
    Recreation area, sports halls / arenas / swimming pools
  • Industrial areas
  • Car parks

Dover LED flood light – for ultimate brightness, service life and reliability

The Dover LED flood light from Earlsmann starts instantly at full brightness, even in cold conditions.   It is ideal for outdoor areas and cold areas. It’s also perfectly suited to sensor operation, helping you to save energy and improve lighting control.
The Dover LED flood light has a service life of over 50,000 hours.  Dover LED flood light units require minimal maintenance. This is particularly important when lighting is located at height. The LED drivers are mounted in a separate box to provide improved reliability and easier servicing. This high-performance LED floodlight is manufactured in the UK.  it uses the latest LED technology and reflectors to ensure efficiency and precise beam control.
Providing up to 100lm/W, the Dover floodlights combines high-quality light levels with a significant reduction in energy use – helping you to lower your carbon footprint.

Good to know: The Dover uses the latest CREE LED technology and reflectors  to provide unrivalled efficiency

The union flag UK manufacture and 5 year warranty

Benefit from…

Instant start, full brightness at turn on – Improved safety, well defined CCTV
Long life, reduced maintenance – Lower running costs
Low power consumption – Reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
Active thermal control – Increased reliability

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Colour Temperature 5000K – cool white
Colour Rendering Index up to 70Ra
Sealing IP65
Voltage 220-240Vac 50/60Hz
Beam angle see options
Markings CE
Efficacy up to 100lm/W
Mounting Stirrup
Weight up to 12kg depending on model
Dimensions 320 x 220 x 120
Finish Black Powder Coat
LED CREE array
LED life 50,000 hrs LM80/TM21 (6k) L90>36000hrs *
Ambient temp Ta -25oC / + 40oC
Power factor >0.9
Driver >85% efficiency

* Please call us to discuss LM80/TM21 testing


Beam angle B120 = 120o , B50 = 50o
B20 = 20o ,B35 = 35o
Sensor operation Microwave



LED Power (W) Total W Output (Lm)
60 68 7000
90 105 10500
120 135 14000
150 170 17500

Please note these come with an external drive box with 3m cable as standard

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