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Coloured Acrylics
Illuminated Acrylic 4 Networking Sign

Acrylux is a specialist acrylic fabrication company based in the UK and has been trading since 1979. From Tiverton in Devon, Acrylux are able to manufacture anything from point of sale display through mass produced items to custom made ‘one off’ acrylic pieces. Acrylux work with top brand manufacturers such as Plexiglas, Perspex and Lexan. We also try and use new 100% recycled clear acrylic where possible as well as polycarbonate which is almost unbreakable or PET G which is an alternative to polycarbonate.

Acrylic fabrication is our business and with our latest laser cutter and laser engraving services we are able to keep more work in house and in turn keep costs down. In addition to this modern acrylic fabrication technology Acrylux offer line bending, oven forming, routing, flame polishing, solvent bonding and Tensol bonding. This extensive range of manufacturing capabilities allows Acrylux to supply customers anything from a cut acrylic panel to a fully fabricated, finished product.

Acrylux have expanded the product range in order to accommodate low energy LED lighting. We work closely with our sister company Earlsmann who specialise in LED lighting solutions. Ideal to display any graphic or text as well as a low cost, long life solution.

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