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Making the switch to LED lighting  has never been easier, and provides instant, measurable benefits in lower maintenance costs, reduced power consumption and improved lighting levels.

Earlsmann provide a wide range of LED Lighting products for both external and internal use enabling you to meet CIBSE guidelines for light levels and uniformity.  We can also supply emergency lighting products so your premises conform to the current British Standard BS 5266 2016

Are you looking for a bespoke product? Here at Earlsmann we have the capabilities to design and create bespoke lighting fittings built to order, fabricated and assembled in our production workshop in Devon.

If required, we also provide a full service including advice on standards, light simulations using Relux, technical support, ROI calculations and a full installation service. Please see our LED Lighting Solutions.

For more information about our products or services please get in touch with us.

Exterior LED Lighting Products

Exterior LED lighting products

Earlsmann provide a wide range of LED luminaires suitable for the exterior environment.  Typical applications would be lighting for car parks, walkways, service yards and sports areas such as tennis courts or 5-a-side football pitches.

Our exterior LED lighting range includes LED bulkheads, street lights, LED canopy lights and LED flood lights, some of which are suitable for high chlorine coastal environments.

We work with a number of suppliers offering high quality, reliable products.

Find out more about our exterior lighting products and services.

Interior LED Lighting Products

Interior LED lighting products

Earlsmann have a large range of LED luminaires suitable for interior projects. This can include offices, production areas and warehouses and leisure centres.

Besides the obvious areas our products are suitable for all back of house areas such as stairwells, corridors, toilets and shower rooms.

The range includes LED batten lights, NON Corrosive (vapour proof), LED floodlights, high bay, bulkheads and downlights.

We work with a number of suppliers offering high quality, reliable products.

Find out more about our interior lighting products and services.

Emergency Lighting Products 

emergency lighting products

Earlsmann are LED specialists who supply emergency LED lighting products to commercial businesses across the UK.

Many of our LED lighting products can have an emergency lighting option added on request; the Preston, Portsmouth, Rimini and Genoa units are all particularly suited to use as emergency lighting. You might also be interested in our LED lighting kits – they’re compact, easy to install and can even be added to existing lighting.

Find out more about our emergency lighting products.

Bespoke LED Lighting Projects

bespoke led lighting productsAre you looking for bespoke LED lighting products? Earlsmann are UK manufacturers with years of experience working with commercial businesses and contractors on a variety of lighting projects.

From illuminated signs, backlight installation to bespoke feature chandeliers, we can work from concept ideas through to creating the final solution and providing installation.

We’re always up to the challenge! Why not take a look at some of bespoke LED lighting products

Acrylic Projects

Acrylic productsAcrylux are able to manufacture anything from point of sale display through mass produced items to custom made ‘one off’ acrylic pieces.

Acrylic fabrication is under the Earlsmann brand and with our latest laser cutter and laser engraving services we are able to keep more work in house and in turn keep costs down.

Why not take a look at some of acrylic products.

Earlsmann is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of commercial LED lighting products and works with the professional lighting industry to develop lighting for all commercial applications – including street lights, low bay lighting, high bay lighting, canopy lighting and floodlights.

All our LED lighting products have a service life up to 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. They’re also highly efficient, cutting your energy bills and helping you to achieve your carbon reduction targets.

Our range includes LED lighting for both internal and external use, and is complemented by our emergency LED lighting kits, a comprehensive selection of replacement products and our bespoke lighting design service.

LED power saving – a brief explanation
It is difficult to directly compare the lumen output from an LED light with traditional lamps due to the way they emit light. LED efficacy is around 65-90 lumens per Watt, while a compact fluorescent (CFL) is 50-70 lumens per Watt. This suggests that, Watt for Watt, they are similar – in other words, 25 Watts of LED gives the same output as a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) (around 1750 lumens).

However, the LED is very directional and, typically, the output is at 120o. A CFL output is 360o and relies on reflectors to get the light where required. Typically, this can mean a 15 Watt LED source producing around 1000lm will appear as bright at the working surface as a 25/30 Watt CFL. Light level at the working surface is measured in Lux. It is the Lux level, therefore, rather than the lumen output, which is the most reliable comparison.

UnionJackUK manufacturer

Many of our LED lighting products are manufactured in the UK and include a full five-year guarantee. If required, we can also provide finance and leasing for up to five years, covering initial set-up costs so you can start enjoying the savings straight away. Options include DALI controls, motion sensors and emergency functions. Please give our team a call if you’d like full photometric data for any of our LED lighting units.

Standardisation – IESNA LM80 and TM21

With so many manufacturers and suppliers of commercial LED lighting, it has become increasingly difficult to make comparisons between all the claims about different parameters such as life, colour stability, light output etc. A new standard, LM80 TM21, has been introduced to make comparison easier.

LED manufacturers are now starting to test to this standard so it is wise to read through the test report before selecting. LM80 TM21 makes no reference to temperature control – get in touch with us today to ask about how our LED modules have built-in self regulation to ensure the maximum operating temperature is not exceeded.

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