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Bespoke LED Lighting Products from UK Manufacturers

Are you looking for bespoke LED lighting products? Earlsmann are UK manufacturers with years of experience working with commercial businesses and contractors on a variety of lighting projects.

Bespoke Design and Manufacturing

Every lighting project is different, here at Earlsmann we have the capabilities to design and create bespoke lighting fittings built to order, fabricated and assembled in our production workshop in Devon.

From illuminated signs, backlight installation to bespoke feature chandeliers, we can work from concept ideas through to creating the final solution and providing installation.

If you have a project you would like to speak to us about, please get in touch.

Bespoke Lighting Commercial Solutions – Retail and Hospitality

The retail and the hospitality industry generally look for creative ways to display products or create interest within venues. Especially product launches and sponsored events as they are specially designed to promote the brand with visual identities. Bespoke LED installations can certainly help to illuminate and draw attention to a brand and build brand awareness.

Low voltage LED lighting is the perfect light source to light a variety of signs, feature walls and product display units. LED’s are durable, energy-efficient, long-lasting and available in a wide variety of colours.

We have a CAD design studio, acrylic fabrication workshop, electronic expertise and manufacturing capabilities, so we are able to turn a concept idea into a finished solution.

If you have a project you would like to speak to us about, please get in touch.

Bespoke LED Lighting Products

Bespoke Lighting - LED Illuminated Products

Illuminated sign – lower edge side lit

Bespoke Lighting - Chandelier

Bespoke chandelier

Illuminated Shelving

Illuminated shelving


LED ‘neon look’ signage

Illuminated Chalkboard Sign

Illuminated chalkboard sign – the sign can be updated with special chalkboard markers that can be wiped clean

Bespoke Illuminated Screen

Bespoke illuminated screen

Light Installation

Light installation – for a music event

Side Lit Table

Edge-lit table

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