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Earlsmann enter their MODENA U Downlight for the Lux Luminaire of the Year 2012 Award

EarlsmannMODENAUniversalLEDDownlightEarlsmann have entered their MODENA Universal LED down light for the prestigious Lux Awards 2012. It’s innovative design allows installation in a wide range of cutouts significantly reducing costly remedial work and reduces line items stocked.

One of the biggest problems facing companies when considering replacing their fluorescent down lights with energy efficient LED is finding a luminaire which will fit the existing cut out.  These can range from 160mm to 200mm so finding a suitable light fitting is a time consuming job.  Without a suitable product the high cost of remedial work can be prohibitive.

The Earlsmann MODENA Universal LED down light addresses this problem with an adjustable mounting system which will suit any cut out in the range.  The basic light comprises 2 layers; a mounting layer and a trim layer.  Additionally, a drop diffuser clear or frosted, is available to protect the light source.

The MODENA down light is provided with a complete range of options.  1-10 and DALI controls are available for versatile building management maximising energy savings.  An emergency version is included in the range with a full 3 hour back up and a self-test option, if required.  Other options offered are beam angle, power rating and colour temperature making it suitable for any environment.

For specialist applications the trim layer, normally supplied in white, can be provided in a wide variety of colours, including reflective.  This is ideal for lighting designers allowing them to experiment with design or complement décor or provides them with unique branding opportunities.

For both the stockist end electrical engineer this luminaire provides an opportunity to reduce inventory (costs) whilst providing a solution for almost every situation.

Alan Thornton, Managing Director of Earlsmann, says “This is our most innovative product yet and we’re proud to enter it for these awards.  It solves many of the problems faced by the retrofit market and has some great features for any new build.  This really is a universal interior luminaire.”

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