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Halogen bulbs to be banned in the UK

The demise of halogen bulbs means more businesses are looking to LEDs

The end of halogen light bulbs may have been an ongoing process but now it is imminent as the government aims for a brighter and cleaner future. The replacement of halogen bulbs with LED is happening. However, here’s the good news; not only do LEDs cut emissions but enable businesses to make significant savings on their energy bills.


Building a greener Britain

These light bulbs will be banned by September 2021 with the shift to LED bulbs cutting out 1.26 million tonnes of CO2 according to the gov.uk website (saving a lot on your carbon footprint)! These new regulations come at a time of tighter energy efficiency standards with the aim to build a greener Britain.

The future is LED 

With this shift, the future is even brighter with new applications for LED lighting providing greater energy efficient options.

ROIBenefits of LED lighting –

  • Increased energy savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved light levels providing a brighter, more pleasant environment for users
  • Low maintenance, due to its longevity and reliability

Converting to LED has never been simpler. At Earlsmann we hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you have a fully compliant lighting scheme, fit for purpose.” Says Simon Thornton, Sales Director at Earlsmann.


Types of LED Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting

Typical applications would be lighting for car parks, walkways, service yards and sports areas such as tennis courts, hockey or 5-a-side football pitches.

With a wide range of lighting options, you might require LED bulkheads, streetlights, LED canopy lights or LED flood lights, some of which are suitable for high chlorine coastal environments.


Interior LED Lighting

Interior LED lights can be used for a wide variety of buildings including offices, production areas, warehouses, schools and leisure centres.

LED products are also suitable for all back of house areas such as stairwells, corridors, toilets and shower rooms.

The range includes LED battens, panel lights, non-Corrosive (vapour proof), LED floodlights, high bay, bulkheads and downlights.


Emergency LED Lighting

Many products can have an emergency lighting option added.  These include panels, battens, non-corrosive and downlights, depending on the type of fitting required.


How we can help

Earlsmann provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application We have worked on many projects providing led lighting installations for –

  • Warehouses and Production Areas
  • Car Parks
  • Sports & Leisure Centres – swimming pools, halls, gyms, changing rooms, tennis courts
  • Offices
  • Schools

Take a look at some of our recent LED Lighting projects.

Contact us today to learn about how we can use our experience to deliver the needed light level and performance whilst saving you money on your energy bills. Email, sales@earlsmann.co.uk or call us on 08456 434740.

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