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Brighton S is best for…

  • Gymnasia and sports halls
  • Warehouses and aisles
  • Production areas and  workshops
  • Retail premises

Choose our Brighton S LED high bay lights for industrial environments where performance matters.

The Brighton LED high bay light is ideal for use in warehouses, factories and workshops, and also in retail and leisure premises. It is a highly efficient LED lighting unit, reducing energy costs and helping you to achieve your carbon reduction targets. And with a service life of over 50,000 hours, you’ll save on maintenance costs too – particularly when lighting is located in hard-to-reach areas high above the ground.

Configure as low bay, high bay, canopy or internal floodlighting; all mounting hardware is included. For the high bay, an optional ‘cosmetic’ disc is available. Let us know the application height and we will provide the appropriate reflectors. For aisle or rack use we combine a 20o reflector with tilt to optimise uniformity and provide ultimate comfort for users.

Good to know– the Brighton uses a 30 W “Lumengine” which includes the latest CREE LED technology, providing unrivalled efficiency and value for money.

Photomentric files are available upon request.

The union flag These luminaires are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year guarantee

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Benefit from…

Instant start, full brightness at turn on  – Improved safety
Long life with reduced maintenance – Lower running costs
Low power consumption – Reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
Minimal heat production – Savings in air-con costs
Active thermal protection – Increased reliability
Colour temp 5000K, standard
Colour rendering 80Ra
Power rating W 60/90/120/150
Lumen output 7000/10500/14000/17500
Beam angle 20/50/90/120
Housing Coated Steel, white
Diffuser Acrylic/Polycarbonate
Sealing IP43
Life >60000 hours L70,min
Efficacy >110lm/W
Operating temp -25o/+40o
Dimmable 1-10
Colour temp 3000K/4000K
Sensor microwave on/off or predim
Predim comfort  level % 10/20/30
Output/ efficacy based on 5000K

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