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Earlsmann cut the cost of 24/7 lighting with an LED makeover at Redbridge Council

If your buildings or facilities require always-on lighting, you’ll need an energy-efficient solution. The latest LED lighting units offer energy savings of up to 75% over traditional fluorescent units – so if your lighting is on 24/7, you’ll be saving money while you sleep.

Earlsmann – an end-to-end service for LED lighting design and fitting

Redbridge Council new LED Lighting

Earlsmann, experts in LED lighting, recently helped Redbridge Council to replace old light fittings in its Oakridge sheltered accommodation property. The new units are fitted with intelligent sensors to maximise energy and carbon savings and create a safe, pleasant environment for residents, visitors and staff around the clock. Earlsmann provided a complete service – from initial lighting assessments and design, to advice on installation, and final checks and commissioning.  The lighting includes interior and exterior units, in corridors, stairwells, footpaths, car park lighting upgrade and residential areas.

Interior lighting – ensuring comfort and safety

Inside the accommodation buildings, Earlsmann fitted its Turin LED panel units with intelligent sensors. All units are preset to provide 20% lighting 24/7, which increases to full power when the movement sensors are activated. Ensuring corridors are never in total darkness helps residents, visitors and staff to move around the building safely.

The Turin panels include an emergency self-testing feature that is easy for all staff to use, reducing maintenance costs. The units were either flush-mounted or surface-mounted – depending on the unit they replaced. Earlsmann designed and fabricated custom acrylic trim to ensure a neat finish and minimise the cost of remedial works, and retained existing housings wherever possible.

Exterior lighting – delivering excellent light levels and supporting security

Earlsmann provided Burton S LED bulkheads to light emergency exits, and its Stafford and Telford LED flood lights to illuminate footpaths and car parking areas.  The new LED units offer improved lighting levels and better colour rendering compared to the old lighting, and are ideal for use with the Council’s CCTV monitoring equipment.

Working together to ensure a smooth installation

Through close collaboration with the Council and its contractor, Polaris, Earlsmann was able to proactively resolve any issues and adapt the solution where necessary. For example, one stairwell fitting needed a special trim, which Earlsmann supplied through its in-house acrylic fabrication facility.

Alan Henderson, MD of Polaris, was impressed with this approach, noting that “Earlsmann was only a call away, and willing to adapt lights so that installation could continue uninterrupted”.

Five-year warranty for total peace of mind

Earlsmann manufactures its LED lighting units at its factory in the UK, ensuring a high-quality, reliable product underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products, call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

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