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Henley printer cuts the cost of LED lighting with grant funding

Many small business owners are realising that they can make significant savings and boost their environmental credentials by minimising energy use wherever possible. LED lighting is eligible for grant funding from low carbon projects, supporting SMEs to make the change and start saving straight away. Higgs Printing recently worked with LED expert Earlsmann to upgrade its lighting and cut energy costs.

LED Lighting for Printers - After
Before: The old spot lighting was energy-hungry and ineffective After: The new lighting is brighter and more energy-efficient


Reduce energy bills with LED lighting and benefit from low-carbon grant incentives

Higgs & Co (Printers) Ltd contacted LED specialist Earlsmann Lighting to discuss switching to LED lighting at its premises in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Earlsmann identified that Higgs could be eligible for grant funding through OxFutures – a project that aims to grow Oxfordshire’s low carbon economy. OxFutures provides grants that support SMEs to install energy-efficient measures and develop low carbon products. By making small changes, there is huge potential for SMEs to collectively reduce the UK’s energy use and CO2emissions.

Earlsmann undertook a survey for Higgs and provided designs for the new LED lighting. The total cost for the project, including installation, was £10,000. Higgs applied to OxFutures and secured a grant of 25% of the project cost, a great incentive to make the investment.

Seek specialist advice to maximise savings and efficiency

Earlsmann drew on its knowledge and experience to select the right kind of lighting for each area. This included special red LED tube lighting for the ‘developing’ area – the exact wavelength is critical to the developing process. The project also included making improvements to the emergency lighting system to ensure compliance with current standards.

Higgs used local contractor Chris Catt, of Compass Electrical, to install the new lighting. Having undertaken work at the site before, Chris is familiar with the building and was able to provide a fast, efficient service that minimised disruption. The new lighting is brighter and more effective throughout all areas at Higgs & Co. Ben Elliott, IT and Building Manager at Higgs Group, confirmed that “everyone is delighted with the new lighting”.

Save on energy bills from day one and enjoy a rapid return on your investment

Following installation of the new lighting, Higgs Printing anticipate energy usage to be cut by over 65% – from 28,000kWhr to 9,500kWhr each year. This will reduce the company’s carbon emissions by over 10 tonnes a year. Taking into account the grant funding, Higgs will recoup the cost of the investment in LED lighting within three years. It will then benefit from year-on-year savings and lower maintenance costs due to the superior reliability and longevity of LED technology.

Earlsmann – your experienced partner in creating total LED lighting solutions

Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace, providing a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application. In-house designers use Relux modelling to create innovative solutions tailored to client requirements.

Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting solutions for office’s, shops or other commercial buildings, call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

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