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Cut the cost of car park lighting with new LED tubes and sensors

Today’s Facilities Managers are frequently tasked with achieving challenging targets for reducing energy use and maintenance costs and cutting carbon emissions. Replacing older, inefficient lighting with LED alternatives is a great place to start – particularly when the lighting covers large amenity areas such as car parks.

Optimising efficiency with sensors

Typically, LED replacements achieve savings of up to 50% in energy use from day one. When sensors are added to an LED solution, to automatically adjust lighting levels in line with real-time user needs, it’s possible to achieve savings of up to 90% compared to conventional lighting. That’s an impressive saving over a large car park, particularly as financial savings are not the only benefits delivered by LEDs – you’ll also enjoy brighter, more even light than supports improved safety and security.

Responding to ‘real world’ requirements

Earlsmann, an established UK-based lighting manufacturer, is always seeking new ways to help its customers convert to LED lighting. Its new LED tube with external driver is a perfect example of how the company is quick to respond to ‘real world’ requirements. Simon Thornton, Earlsmann’s Sales Director, describes how including an external driver has made it easier to swap out old, inefficient lighting for LEDs:

“Older LED fluorescent tubes with built-in drivers were wired for connection at both ends, making it simple to replace tubes with magnetic ballasts,” explains Simon. “However, this practice has been stopped and luminaires now need rewiring for single-end operation. This is a safety precaution in the event of component failure and prevents possible electrocution. Also, high frequency ballasts have always needed to be bypassed.”

“Now, with our new LED tube with external driver, you simply replace the existing magnetic/HF ballast with the LED driver. The tube is wired for two-ended connection, so it just needs to be installed with the positive and negative ends correctly oriented. Low voltage is supplied to the tube connectors (less than 50V), so this solution is completely safe and compliant. It’s also reassuring for our customers to know that installing the tube ‘back to front’ will not damage the LEDs!”

A simple swap – fluorescent to LED

Earlsmann’s new LED tube solution can be supplied with emergency function and is suited to almost any application, particularly where older fluorescent tubes are still in use. In a typical application, such as car park lighting, school lighting or office lighting, the driver will fit into the luminaire in place of the ballast, and wiring to the connectors remains the same. This is much quicker than having to rewire for single end tubes (as normally required with LED replacements).

Unlike conventional LED tubes, Earlsmann’s new units can be dimmed and are compatible with 1-10, DALI control and building management systems. The LED driver is freely cooled, providing increased reliability and reduced ongoing maintenance costs. Together, these benefits ensure you’ll achieve swift payback when you choose to make the switch to LEDs.

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