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Harvesting savings from the latest LED technology

brighton led lightWith many businesses making the switch to LED lighting – and enjoying the benefits of significantly lower energy costs – we look at how you can make the most of your investment in LED with the latest control technology.

Facilities managers are now aware of the main benefits of LED units over conventional lighting. LEDs typically use up to 60% less energy than their conventional equivalents, and the associated cost and carbon savings have encouraged many businesses to adopt this technology.

However, there are a number of additional technologies that can provide enhanced benefits compared to simply replacing with LEDs on a like-for-like basis. While these solutions may require greater up-front investment than simple one-for-one replacement, payback will be quicker and the ongoing savings even more impressive.

Capture daylight savings

Daylight harvesting sensors detect light levels and automatically adjust the LED’s output according to the ambient lighting available, consistently providing the lighting you need. For instance, if sunshine is streaming into an area lit by LEDs with daylight harvesting controls, the LED units will be automatically dimmed. At times when natural light levels are low, the LEDs will produce more light – providing comfort, safety and security for building users.

Adding daylight harvesting sensors to your lighting solution can achieve further savings of up to 15% on top of basic LED replacement. Lighting activation levels can be adapted to suit changing requirements, and the life of the LEDs is extended due to lower average usage.

Introduce intelligent lighting

Do you need non-stop lighting? There’s no need to rely on user education to switch off lights when they’re not needed. With motion sensor technology, you can be sure that you’re not spending money continuously lighting areas that are not in constant use.

Modern LED lighting can be gradually dimmed when it is switched on or off to reduce the contrast between light and dark, creating a more pleasant environment for building users. Lighting can also be maintained at a constant low level when full lighting is not required, helping to maintain safety and security. Lighting can also be linked into your Building Management System, enabling the use of pre-set timings and remote control.

Boosting savings further

The additional benefits of intelligent LED lighting solutions combine to maximise the ongoing savings of your investment. By providing lighting only when it is needed – and only to the level that is required – your air conditioning systems will use less energy to offset heat produced by lighting.

Lighting units with intelligent controls don’t have to work as hard, extending their lifespan. You’ll save on maintenance costs as your lighting won’t need to be manually adjusted or changed as often. Less frequent replacement also cuts the amount of expired equipment you’ll need to dispose of, minimising your carbon footprint.

Searching for a supplier?

Earlsmann is an industry leader in providing innovative intelligent LED lighting solutions. Earlsmann’s new ‘Brighton’ LED light is a high-performance, versatile unit with built-in intelligent controls. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouse lighting, LED Factory Lighting, supermarkets, freezer rooms and cold stores, gym lighting and museums, and can even be used to provide emergency lighting. It may be configured as a low bay, high bay, canopy or as an interior flood light, and is supplied with the appropriate mounting hardware.

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