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New LED lighting slims down energy bills at Bromley Leisure Centre

LED lighting is the best choice for sports and leisure facilities – bright, clear light is essential to create a safe, welcoming and energising environment. LED specialist Earlsmann has recently been working with NCS Technology (a Kent-based installer) to upgrade lighting at Bromley Pavilion Leisure Centre in Kent, improving light levels throughout and reducing ongoing energy and maintenance costs by up to 75%.

Spin Studio at Bromley Pavilion Bromley Pavilion Leisure Centre lighting
Brightly lit spin studio provides an
invigorating environment
Well lit stairwell maintains high safety standards

Tailoring LED lighting solutions to fit unique needs

Bromley Pavilion is run by MyTime Active, which manages leisure and health centre facilities on behalf of the local authority. Earlsmann, NCS Technology and MyTime Active met to discuss the requirements and to plan works to minimise disruption (eg by working overnight). The leisure centre required new lighting throughout – from Dance Studios to new LED Office Lighting. Earlsmann undertook Relux modelling to select the right lighting for each situation.

LED lighting creates ‘fit for the future’ leisure facilities

The LED makeover began at the building entrance; downlights were replaced with modern LED equivalents to create a bright and welcoming reception area. In the offices, LED panels replaced the old fluorescent 600×600 fittings – providing clear visibility and screen viewing comfort. All corridors had new LED downlights fitted, enabling safe movement. New LED panels and downlights in the bar and cafe give a clean, fresh feel. Throughout the centre, Earlsmann and NCS replaced emergency fittings with compact emergency LED downlights.

Bespoke LED fittings reduce remedial work and ongoing maintenance

For the new Gym lighting, Earlsmann supplied surface-mount LED panels and custom-designed LED fittings to replace old CAT2 lighting. Stairwells had new bespoke gear trays fitted to existing luminaires. For the new LED downlights in the changing rooms, Earlsmann designed and manufactured a bespoke spacer/adaptor to fit the existing cut-out in the metal panel-type ceiling tiles. All these adaptations removed the need for costly, disruptive remedial work.

In the children’s soft play areas, fluorescent fittings were replaced with LED equivalents alongside modern LED high bays. NCS and Earlsmann worked together to redesign the emergency system in this area, making it more accessible for battery replacement and general maintenance.

Movement sensors and LED dimming capability enhance spaces

The new stairwell gear trays provided sensor-controlled dimmer capability, reducing light levels when not activated while keeping them partially lit for safety. In several dance and spinning studios, new dimmable panels allow instructors to enhance classes with ‘mood’ lighting – from bright and invigorating to dim and calming.

Seamless service from Earlsmann and NCS Technology – the LED experts

Working together with NCS Technology, Earlsmann provided the client with a complete ‘one stop shop’ solution for all areas of Bromley Pavilion – delivering the LED upgrade project on time and to budget. Earlsmann drew on its knowledge of lighting guidelines from Sport England and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers to provide a solution tailored to the specific needs of a busy leisure centre.

Earlsmann – your experienced partner in creating total LED lighting solutions

Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace and manufactures lighting units at its factory in the UK, producing high-quality, reliable products underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

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