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Earlsmann Develops a Complete LED Panel Lighting Range

LEDpanellightFlat LED panel lighting has become increasingly popular for interior lighting due to its even illumination, reduced glare and ease of use so they have found many applications from hospitals to offices and gyms to retail outlets.  However, until now, the choice of options for dimming, control and installation has been limited.

Earlsmann, a UK based LED lighting manufacturer, recognised that LED panel lighting has mainly been limited to on/off or a dimming function through a proprietary radio unit although a few suppliers offered an emergency option. Therefore, they developed a complete portfolio of standard products to complete their range and provide the lighting industry with all the options they need for a full system.

First comes safety.  An integrated emergency unit eliminates the need for additional LED modules with additional installation costs.  If required, a DALI self-test emergency unit can be supplied eliminating the need to regularly go and inspect each fitting.

Then there are the dimming functions.  A radio option is available but, and much preferred, are the use of 1-10 or DALI drivers allowing the use of full building management systems or localised daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors.  These are compatible with readily available control systems so are perfect for retrofit and new installations.

Next are the mounting options.  LED panel lights are primarily designed for mounting in suspended ceilings to replace the traditional 600×600 or 1200×600 fluorescent fixtures.  However, increasing demand for surface mount, hanging and flush mount has led to the development of additional mounting hardware.  The frames are available in a range of sizes, in silver or white, to suit the requirement.

Last but very important is performance.  The Earlsmann Turin range provides, probably, the most even illumination available.  No unsightly dark patches across the illuminated surface and no black or light dots indicating poor manufacturing processes.  An output of 3200 lumens from 36 watts makes them among the most efficient and will help with carbon reduction programmes and to reduce energy costs.  UK designed and manufactured drivers ensure reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Simon Thornton of Earlsmann comments “This is probably the most comprehensive range of LED panel lighting available from a single manufacturer.  Local support means lighting designers can get all the help and advice they need with their installation”

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