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Verona – a Compact Alternative for 50 Watt GU10 Halogen Lamps

Earlsmann introduces Verona, a compact 12 Watt LED alternative to the traditional 50 Watt GU10 halogen downlight.  Many have tried and failed, so far, to produce an LED direct replacement for the traditional 50W halogen downlight due to the light output required and the heat generated.  Earlsmann have developed a 12 Watt product which addresses both these issues.

The 50 Watt halogen downlight is an extremely compact lamp which produces a reasonable amount of light in a small space.  Unfortunately it gets extremely hot posing a significant fire hazard and attracts dirt which stains ceilings.  At only 20 lumens per Watt, they are far from environmentally friendly.  With an extremely short life of only a few thousand hours maintenance becomes a major issue.

Lamp manufacturers have concentrated on creating a direct replacement using high power LEDs (light emitting diodes).  At present, these LEDs can only replace up to 35 Watts within the space envelope as they, too, get hot.

Earlsmann’s approach is to replace the entire fitting with a slim, surface mount luminaire.  Installation only needs the use of a screwdriver; self tapping plasterboard fixings are screwed into the ceiling and the power supply placed through the existing hole.  Screws then fix the luminaire to the plasterboard fixings, completely covering the existing hole providing a neat, unobtrusive solution.

Each Verona fitting produces around 1000lm from 12 Watts, a 75% reduction in energy use, and life is estimated at 50000 hours reducing maintenance costs.

With a colour temperature of 5-6000K (>80CRI) they are perfect for anyone doing fine detail work or who needs good colour recognition.

Cristina Holm, an Image stylist and personal tailor said “they have made a huge improvement to my tailoring business.  Customers can really see the colour of the fabrics, even on dark winter evenings”.  If desired, however, a range of coloured filters is available to provide mood or accent lighting.

These luminaires are also ideal for inaccessible locations where maintenance is difficult (high ceilings), where reliability is required for safety (corridors, cloakrooms) and where minimal heat may be desirable (above tables and bar areas and around furnishings).

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