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Stunning new floor and desk lamp range combines simple acrylic forms with colour

Earlsmann introduces their new Lynton range of lamps.  These combine the use of formed, edge lit acrylic with efficient LED technology.  The result is a range of lamps which will complement the modern environment.  The use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) ensures they are environmentally friendly.

This new range of designer lamps uses the properties of Plexiglas Lighten to create a lamp with pleasing lighting effects.  Light from the LEDs is emitted from the lamp across its surface and from the edges.  The LEDs can be set, using a remote control, to one of several fixed colour options, to switch rapidly between colours for an invigorating light show or to gently fade from one to the next for a more relaxed mood.  White can also be selected for general illumination.

A typical lamp will use less than 5 Watts making them extremely environmentally friendly and run from a 12V dc adapter so they are completely safe.  They produce minimal heat and no UV so they are totally safe for use near textiles and other delicate materials.

The Lynton range is ideal for modern settings such as hotel reception areas, bedrooms, bars, restaurants, cafes, offices where the combination of style and efficiency will set the standard.

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