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LED lighting makes a ‘Real’ difference to Moreton Morrell tennis court

LED lighting is ideal for indoor sports facilities as it provides bright, uniform illumination and clear visibility – plus great energy savings.

Earlsmann recently installed new indoor tennis court lighting at the Hardwick House Real Tennis Court, one of just 43 such courts worldwide.

Following this project’s success, the Moreton Morrell Real Tennis Club invited Earlsmann to review the lighting at its Warwickshire facility.

Moreton Morrell Indoor Tennis Court LED Lighting















Enhancing a unique historic building with Indoor Tennis Court LED lighting

The Real Tennis court at Moreton Morrell was built at Moreton Hall in 1904-5 by Joseph Bickley, a renowned designer who also helped to create the court at Hardwick House. It conforms to the centuries-old pattern of a playing surface enclosed by walls on all four sides, three of which have sloping roofs, known as ‘penthouses’.

However, the lighting arrangement at Moreton differed from Hardwick, and required a new approach to achieve the target light level and uniformity. There are no official Sport England guidelines for Real Tennis, so Earlsmann discussed the light levels and uniformity required with key members of the Club and agreed that combining the requirements of lawn tennis and squash would be the best way forward. This led to a specification of 650 lux and a minimum 0.7 uniformity, providing the optimum blend of effective lighting and value for money.

Using Relux modelling to deliver an effective LED lighting scheme

Earlsmann undertook Relux modelling to determine lighting placement and type. This informed the selection of a combination of 150W and 200W traditional-style LED high bay lights to replace 18 existing SON high bay lights. Once installed, the final light level was measured at over 700 lux, with a uniformity of 0.74. The reflectors on the new high-bay LED light units minimise glare, ensuring the ball can be clearly seen – even while moving at high speed when volleyed.

LED lighting installation provides maximum benefit with minimal disruption

The new tennis court lighting has reduced energy use from around 9kW to 3.5kW. The wiring at the court had been updated only four years before, so installation was straightforward and completed in under a day, ensuring minimal disruption to the club’s activities. The new lighting is extremely low maintenance, providing further cost savings and helping to overcome the challenges presented by limited access.

Tailored LED lighting solution scores full points with client

Earlsmann’s personalised, holistic approach to the project has been well received by the client, with Club Chairman Sir Andrew Hamilton commenting that “the lights are a tremendous success – I haven’t heard a word of criticism, so many thanks and congratulations”. The project was generously sponsored by The Helping Hand Company (the world’s largest manufacturer of reaching aids and litter pickers), so value for money was vital. The significant energy savings and reduced ongoing maintenance have reduced overall running costs by over 60%.

Earlsmann – your experienced partner in creating total LED lighting solutions

Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace and manufactures lighting units at its factory in the UK, producing high-quality, reliable products underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products, call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

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