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Replacement gear tray

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LED replacement gear trays are best for…

  • Anti corrosive fittings
    Canopy lights
    Car park lights
    Flood lights
    Commercial downlights

Tip: Use where the existing fitting is in good condition

Replacement LED Gear Tray

LED replacement geartray - LUMenGINE
When upgrading it is often a requirement to replace only the gear tray in inefficient luminaires to reduce maintenance, running costs and carbon emissions.   Major additional advantages being that the external appearance of the luminaire remains unchanged and there is no structural rework of walls, ceilings or ground ensuring upgrade costs are kept to a minimum.
Depending on the application, Earlsmann manufacture a unique gear tray using either an LED module or CREE array to ensure quality and reliability.
When necessary, emergency and sensor options are available.  If there is already a control system in place it is usually possible to provide total compatibility.
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Benefit from…

Instant start, full brightness at turn on – Improved safety, well defined CCTV
Long life with reduced maintenance – Lower running costs
Low power consumption – Reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
No remedial decorative work – Reduced installation costs

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Earlsmann are a commercial LED lighting company providing a comprehensive range of lighting solutions including LED Gear Trays.

Our services are underpinned by a full five-year warranty.


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