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Retail LED Lighting Creates A Welcoming Environment


md23whiteLighting, in retail, more than almost any other commercial environment, is a major factor contributing to the success, or otherwise, of the business.

When you walk up your high street, which are the shops that catch your eye?  The ones which look dark, dingy and threatening or the well lit ones that look friendly and welcoming?

The answer is obvious.  In the brightly lit store you can see everything clearly and will be far more likely to buy.  Why else would major stores light their retail environment at up to 1000lux?  Product colours are more vibrant and detail is far easier to perceive.

The power required for lighting to do this is significant which is why LED lighting is becoming much more attractive.  Not only does it reduce running costs but significantly reduces maintenance costs, too. The other benefit gained by using LED lighting is that the retail environment will always look at its best.

Simon Thornton, of Earlsmann Lighting, says “Lighting can make or break a business.  Poor, broken or ineffective lighting can seriously detract from the product on display and may present an overall feeling of poor quality reducing the possibility of a sale.”

Earlsmann will be showing their range of LED spot lights and general area lighting at ARC 2011.

The lights comprise a range of LED GU10/MR16 directable and dimmable spot lights with a choice of beam angle and cool or warm white.

General area lighting can be provided in a number of ways from simple LED tubes and down lights to high power high bay style for lighting larger areas.  The high bay style comprise a powerful light engine with up to 120 watts of LED power to which different “styling” panels can be fitted to act as a feature or blend in with the environment.

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