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Plug & Play LED Replacement for 2D Lamps

The 28 Watt 2D compact fluorescent lamp has been widely used for many years for both interior and exterior locations.

We are pleased to announce a genuine “plug and play” LED alternative to the traditional 2D lamp.  Until now, a major problem with many LED alternatives for fluorescent type lamps has been the necessity to rewire the fitting.   With this product you simply remove the starter, plug in the LED 2D, and switch on.

These LED replacements only use 12 Watts of power, about a third of a traditional lamp making them extremely environmentally friendly with much reduced carbon, not to mention a significant reduction in energy charges.  Since they contain no mercury or other hazardous substances, end of life disposal is simplified.

Their long life, up to 50000 hours, maximises maintenance intervals which, again, significantly reduces costs.  This also makes them ideal for hard to reach areas such as stairwells or high ceilings where expensive equipment is required to reach them.

They are instant start to full brightness (no long warm up time) even in cold temperatures, which allows the use of PIR systems thus reducing the running costs further.  This is particularly important in unheated stores/freezer rooms or external areas and stairwells, where safety is paramount.


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