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College equestrian facilities benefit from LED lighting upgrade

With over 900,000 horses in the UK, and two million riders, there is significant demand for high-quality equestrian facilities. Working in partnership with installer NCS Technology, LED Lighting company Earlsmann has recently worked on a project to provide new LED lighting for two riding arenas at Hadlow College in Kent.

Hadlow Riding School LED Lighting
High-flying lighting: seeing Earlsmann’s products in action is the best advertisement for the company’s products


LED lighting – an intelligent upgrade for sports education facilities

In 2017, Hadlow College marked 50 years since it was formed. To celebrate this milestone, the college launched its ‘Vision 50’ project to invest in new technology. As part of this, the College is in the process of upgrading its lighting to LED throughout to provide better light levels while also cutting energy and maintenance costs.

The College offers a wide selection of equestrian courses, and so its riding facilities were an important part of the upgrade. The amenities include two arenas that are suitable for both dressage and jumping; one is 60x35m, the other 60x20m. Instructors and riders had commented that these areas were underlit – existing lighting had degraded over several years and so new lights were needed to replace the existing 400W sodium high bay lights. Riding is a high-risk sport and under-lighting is dangerous for both horse and rider, particularly when moving at speed or jumping.

New LED lighting supports rider safety and comfort

Earlsmann modelled the proposed new LED lighting using Relux software, confirming that readings for light levels and uniformity meet CIBSE guidelines. This process enabled Earlsmann to select its 150W traditional-style high bay LED unit with aluminium reflectors. This fitting minimises glare – providing good visibility and therefore supporting safety. The units feature a tough polycarbonate diffuser over the LEDs, providing protection from impact should any object be kicked up from ground level.

LED technology improves light levels and delivers ongoing savings

The new LED lighting provides much better light levels while minimising energy use and maintenance costs. It improves safety and comfort, creating top-class facilities for students, staff and visiting riders. The College has also invested in new all-weather surfaces that are suitable for training and competing horses to the highest level. The new lighting is so popular that Earlsmann has been asked to sponsor a jump; as a keen rider himself, Earlsmann’s Sales Director Simon Thornton was delighted to agree to promote the company in this way.

LED lighting investment rewarded with rapid payback

The client took advantage of a Salix energy efficiency public finance loan to fund the project. The new LED lighting provides impressive savings from day one through reduced energy use and maintenance costs – covering the investment in LEDs in less than five years.

Earlsmann – your experienced partner in creating total LED lighting solutions

Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace, providing a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application. In-house designers use Relux modelling to create innovative solutions tailored to client requirements.

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