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Improve the learning environment with energy efficient LED lighting supported by the Salix Funding Scheme

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Did you know that having the right lighting can improve educational performance and new installations can result in a saving of up to 85% on lighting energy bills?

The correct lighting design and installation can help your institution nurture today’s students, by creating an optimum learning environment while also generating savings of up to 85% on lighting energy bills. Costs associated with the lighting re-fit can be covered by Salix Funding which offer zero rated finance especially designed for academies and schools.

The intensity of artificial lighting has been shown to have a range of effects on a student’s mood and the ability to concentrate. There have been several studies published* that advocate the importance of creating the correct lighting conditions within educational environments. This can lead to stimulation of physiological alertness and improved cognitive performance.

Academic institutes have the responsibility to provide a lit environment which is appropriate for the particular interior and exterior, achieving lighting which enables both students and staff to carry out their particular activities easily and comfortably in attractive and stimulating surroundings.

By enhancing the lighting conditions of a classroom or examination hall, pupils will benefit from:

  • Increased levels of alertness
  • Improved academic ability within class
  • Raised attendance levels
  • Glare-free illumination ideal for the use of touchscreen devices.
Energy Efficient Lighting for Schools

“We provide a full service from initial survey and design phase, where we produce modelled simulations with Relux software to analyse and precisely calculate the correct lighting requirements. All designs meet CIBSE guidelines and emergency lighting conforms to BS5266, product selection or bespoke manufacturing to final installation. Earlmann has proven expertise in delivering functional, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the education sector that satisfy client’s individual needs.”

Simon Thornton – Technical Sales Director

Earlsmann Lighting is ISO 9001 quality assurance certified. We have built an enviable reputation for creating specific solutions for individual applications. We use the latest technology to design application-specific installations, whilst reducing manufacturing costs and energy consumption. This enables us to provide a cost-effective solution with maximum energy savings to offset capital costs.

Lighting Design Considerations


We are happy to discuss your project and specific requirements so please get in touch

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*Paper: Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Stine Louring Nielsen, Diana Georgieva and Kathrine Marie Schledermann. “The Impact of Dynamic Lighting in Classrooms. A Review on Methods”

*Paper: K. Choi and H. Suk. “Dynamic lighting system for the learning environment: performance of elementary students,” Optics Express24. Issue 10

*Paper: Tommy Govén, Thorbjörn Laike, Peter Raynham , Eren Sansal. Influence of Ambient Light in the Performance, Mood, Endocrine Systems and Other Factors of School Children.

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