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Switching it up a gear – Earlsmann simplifies the swap to LED

One of the biggest challenges confronting electricians and installers when converting in-situ lighting to LED is that many recessed linear lights are plastered into the ceiling. Often, facilities managers are hesitant to replace these units due to concerns around the expense and disruption associated with installation. During work on an office re-fit in Greenwich, LED specialist Earlsmann developed a bespoke gear tray design that overcomes these issues.

gear tray gear tray design after
Before: with the old lighting, the lift lobby area was becoming underlit as tubes faded After: the new lighting fits into existing housings while also providing CIBSE-compliant light levels


Fresh thinking from Earlsmann enables seamless lighting replacement

While working in partnership with NCS Technology in Greenwich, LED specialist Earlsmann created a bespoke gear tray design which simply clips into the existing housing. This innovation avoids the need for costly re-wiring or remedial decoration work, and reduces waste by using the existing luminaire setting.

Earlsmann modelled each area with the new gear tray using Relux to ensure CIBSE LG7 light level requirements were met (spaces included offices, lift lobbies and corridors). Where required, the gear trays include an ‘emergency pack’ to provide emergency lighting capability.

Delivering cost and environmental benefits through bespoke product design

The gear tray is provided in short, easy to handle sections, each with its own power supply. This means it is able to use the existing luminaire wiring, supporting quick and easy installation. Each gear tray uses just 15W. In Greenwich, these were used as replacements for 28W T5 tubes, providing significant energy savings from day one.

The new gear trays are also a more environmentally-friendly option compared to replacing the complete luminaire, as less landfill waste is generated. Paul Tomsett, Senior Engineer at NCS Technology, congratulated Earlsmann on the success of the new product, saying: “the F type fittings are a dream to install and work very well”.

Earlsmann – creating innovative, inspirational LED solutions

Earlsmann is a UK-based LED lighting company with many years’ experience in the LED marketplace. Earlsmann’s multi-discipline team of commercial lighting consultants are experts in working with clients to create high-quality lighting solutions that optimise building performance and offer impressive, rapid returns on investment.

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