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Redbridge Council plans to install new LED street lighting

Residents in Redbridge, north-east London, have welcomed the LED street lights being trialled in their area – saying they feel safer and prefer the new lights to traditional sodium street lighting.


TELFORD-LED-Street-LightRedbridge Council has installed Earlsmann’s ‘Telford’ LED street lighting around a green space surrounded by homes, illuminating the walkways from car parking areas.  The new, cool white lighting is brighter where residents need it most – increasing safety outside while reducing light pollution into homes. The old, amber-coloured sodium lighting was dim and created shadows, leaving many residents feeling vulnerable when walking to and from their front doors.

Barry England, of Redbridge Council, praised the new lighting, saying that “residents are really pleased with the new lighting we’ve installed in the trial area and feel much safer at night with the light levels achieved,” also adding; “over time we hope to roll it out to other estates”. Leigh Starr, of lighting installers Intime Energy, commented that they were “really impressed” with the lighting, as it “looks good and is easy to install”.

The Telford is Earlsmann’s latest street lighting solution, incorporating a 30W LED that provides excellent colour rendering and visibility while cutting light pollution in surrounding areas. All Telford units use the latest CREE COB technology to produce efficiency levels of 100 lumens per Watt, typically providing a 50% reduction in energy usage over traditional amber-coloured sodium lighting. Its combination of high performance – with full brightness at turn on – and stylish, modern appearance makes the Telford ideal for lighting footpaths, walkways, car parks and recreation areas.

Earlsmann manufactures every Telford street lighting unit in the UK, providing a high-quality, reliable product underpinned by a full warranty. The latest model offers unrivalled energy-saving efficiency and value for money. With many local authorities and facilities managers tasked with cutting costs and carbon emissions, making the switch to LEDs provides instant, measurable benefits in lower maintenance costs, reduced power consumption and improved lighting levels.

Earlsmann provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions for every interior and exterior application. Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products, call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

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