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LuxLive 2014 and Earlsmann – the day after!

Well… what a show!  We were promised plenty of high quality visitors and LuxLive delivered.  It is an interesting blend of luminaire manufacturers, distributors and component suppliers, but it works and worked for us.  We were able to source new components as well as talk to new customers.

We are now going through the leads generated and it looks like we’re going to be busy with some very exciting contacts and projects to follow up in the coming weeks.

The days after an exhibition closes are always busy analysing enquiries made and prioritising the follow up and it is usually busier than the actual show days.  And those were busy.  Wednesday 9am-9pm is tough although made a little easier by the party atmosphere after 6pm.  What surprised, and pleased us greatly, however, despite the “party” was to see visitors coming to our booth right up to close of play.  Thursday was the same with our last visitor talking to us 10 minutes before the close of the exhibition.

Our range of driverless LED products attracted much attention as did our flood and high bay lighting due to our ability to tailor them to exact requirements.  However, of more interest to some, was our supply of chocolates and our Champagne draw!  Peter Rowledge, of Lux Magazine, kindly agreed to do the draw for us on the Thursday.  Well done to the lucky winners who will be contacted shortly and be presented with their prize.

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