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What are you looking for in LED lighting supplier?

I suspect the simple answer is honesty and product knowledge (not to mention good price and quick delivery).  However, with many items being available on the internet how do you really know what you’re buying from a LED lighting supplier?  It can be almost impossible to contact someone to speak to and when you do, they have little understanding of the product and simply know the basics.  Oh… “it’s 40 watts”! Or “it’s 6000K”!

There are now so many suppliers of LED lighting products how can you decide what to buy and from whom?

Take LED 600 x 600 panels as an example.  They are available from your local wholesaler, ebay, amazon or many other online suppliers at prices ranging from £50 to £100 but do you know what you’re buying?

Claims are made about the spec:

Lumen output ranges from 2500 to 3800 lm

Power from 32-40 watts

Colour from 3000-6000K, cool white, daylight, warm white

Dimming/non dimming/Sensors/Emergency packs/daylight harvesting

Try asking about what may be suitable for a particular application – e.g. a classroom – Try asking if they know what the CIBSE recommended colour rendering is or the recommended light level .  9 times out of 10 the person on the phone (or the rep, if they’re visiting you) won’t have a clue and you’ll simply get the answer “it’s 40 watts and will replace a 4×18 fitting” but they may well have no idea what it means.

If they can’t answer your questions how do you know their product will perform as you require?

Earlsmann has been around for many years and understand exactly what’s needed for many different applications so if you’re confused by the jargon and claims or you think you’re not getting the whole story then give us a call.  I’m sure we can help!

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