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Earlsmann at Ecobuild 2014 with the ILP

Ecobuild 2014 wasn’t an exhibition that had been on our list of priorities until we had a call from the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) inviting us to join them in their “Lightscene” zone.

We agreed, and were really pleased with the result.  Simon did a 15 minute talk on the Wednesday, “ Lux, Lumens and Watts”, inspired by the ILP “Guide to the Specification of LED Lighting Products 2012” to help people make more informed choices about LED lighting.  After all, LED lighting is a significant investment so it’s important to avoid the many pitfalls. (Also read our other blog articles).

We also took the opportunity to show some of our new products and gauge reaction:-

The Lincoln LED streetlight is available from under £150 and will easily replace up to 90W SOX luminaires.  At the price, it may be a much better option for S class areas than simply replacing the lamp.  This was very well received and several requests for further information were made from as far afield as the UK, Belgium, Spain and Kenya.

The Brighton Bay / Dover flood lights have interchangeable reflectors making it possible to change the beam angle to suit specific applications and for change of use of areas within a building.  LED lighting is a major investment so “future proofing” was considered a good idea.

Replaceable LED geartrays for 2D CFL bulkheads are a good alternative to the readily available LED replacement lamp as the driver is separate and better cooled, allowing the light output to better match the traditional lamp.  The standard LED replacement lamp doesn’t quite have the light output to adequately replace CLFs.  What’s more, replacing the complete gear tray is quicker and easier to install than rewiring for the lamp.

We met with many professionals and lighting specifiers so hope to see an increase in business.  The coming months will tell.

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