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Proof that cheap LED lights really are a false economy

Cheap LED LightsA while back I wrote about “the race to the bottom…or the false economy of cheap LED lights”.

Well here is proof that cheap lights really are a false economy.

LEDs are becoming the dominant energy efficient lighting option – but for many, they remain a new and quite daunting technology.

Modern LED lights are meant to reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance costs, reduce carbon foot print and be environmentally friendly.

We recently installed new LED bay lights at a project in Winchester. When we went to dispose of the 20-year-old SON low bay lights guess what we came across already in the skip? LED flood lights already on the scrap heap! They can’t have been installed for more than 3 or 4 years but had already failed making a mockery of the supposed benefits of LEDs.

I am sure the lights may well have been replaced under warranty but that still means further installation costs not to mention disruption to the site. In addition, there are extra costs to recycle the failed product and the supposed carbon savings blown.

It is clear that LED prices have come down very significantly, but people are still buying the cheapest.  This is still a false economy if you have to replace them every couple of years. Pay a bit more and buy a quality light. The whole point of converting to LED is to reduce energy costs by reducing power and reducing maintenance.

So, rather than saving you lots of energy and reducing costs, what do you get with cheap lights:

  1. Doubled cost of installation
  2. Double disruption to site
  3. Additional cost to recycle failed product
  4. Increased carbon footprint

Hardly environmentally friendly!

The message, therefore, is to use good quality LED lights from a supplier who understands LEDs. Don’t simply buy the cheapest. How do you know your LED supplier understands LEDs?  Ask some pertinent questions and test them.


Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LED lighting are becoming widely appreciated by businesses as they replace standard filament, halogen, and fluorescent strip lights.

Let’s break down the benefits:

  1. Make significant energy, cost and CO2 savings
  2. Reduce maintenance costs
  3. Improved overall working environment, comfort and productivity
  4. A longer operating lifespan
  5. Are eco-friendly since they contain no mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays

Earlsmann are a commercial LED lighting company providing lighting solutions for over 10 years and understand exactly what’s needed for many different applications. If you’re not sure about any of the jargon and claims or you think you’re not getting the whole story, then please do get in touch.

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