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Create brighter, safer urban spaces with LED lighting

LED lighting is often selected for its energy efficiency, but there are a host of additional benefits to be gained from adopting the latest in lighting technology. In their recent project for Redbridge Council, Earlsmann used LED floodlighting to transform the urban spaces around offices and apartment blocks – providing an energy-efficient solution while also creating a safer, more attractive environment for building users.

Out with the old – replacing the existing lighting

The Orchard Estate, behind the Council’s offices in Broadmead Road, was previously lit with conventional metal halide lighting, which was becoming increasingly expensive to operate and maintain. These energy-hungry 1000W flood lights were situated in hard-to-reach areas, making replacement difficult. As many of the lamps had failed, light levels were becoming ever dimmer.

There wasn’t enough light to illuminate the ground around the buildings, making the outside spaces dark and raising safety concerns. The apartment blocks are up to 30m high, and the Council required bright, clear light along the length of the buildings to provide a safe, welcoming environment for building users.

Achieving an instant improvement

Earlsmann supplied its high-performance DOVER LED floodlighting to illuminate a 10m wide strip around the building, creating a pleasant space while minimising light pollution to surrounding areas. A total of 68 DOVER 150W IP65 floodlight units were installed by Intime Energy, each fitted with 20-degree reflectors which targeted the light exactly where required, on the walkway close to the buildings.

The DOVER floodlights provide illumination of over 30 lux, with excellent colour rendering, creating a well-lit, safer environment for the residents. The lighting has been placed to ensure it does not intrude into other areas, and has, in fact, transformed the buildings into an attractive new landmark, visible from the M11.

Create brighter, safer urban spaces with LED lighting  redbridgestreetlevelsmall





Transforming buildings into landmarks:
“The lighting does exactly what we needed; we’re very pleased with the result.” – Stephen Carter, Redbridge Council

A custom-built solution, with savings from day one

Earlsmann created a bespoke solution for the Council, fitting each DOVER floodlight head on a stainless steel boom to move it a metre out from the building. The new lighting is over 75% more energy efficient than the old metal halide units, reducing the Council’s energy bills and carbon footprint. Installing the power supplies remotely on the rooftop ensures easy access, making them easier, cheaper and safer to maintain. And, with a service life of over 50,000 hours, maintenance visits will be few and far between.

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