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LED Lighting and the 5 Year Guarantee

Nowadays it is a given that LED luminaires come with a 5 year guarantee.  But what does that mean and do you know if it can be honoured? It is very easy to offer a 5 year guarantee; everyone is doing it!

If you’re buying your new light from a reputable supplier of branded products I’m sure there won’t be a problem but, with so many smaller businesses offering Far Eastern products at low prices it may pay to check what is covered.

Some suppliers are even offering guarantees up to 7 years (and even 10), and some include batteries on emergency fittings.  These guarantees should be treated with caution and the small print read thoroughly.   The chances are there will be strict limitations on service life and batteries almost certainly won’t last more than 4 years due to their charging duty cycle

LED lights should be considered as the piece of high tech electronic equipment they really are. Would you expect a television set to run 7 years (over 60,000hrs) without turning it off?

To Do

First, the product, check the specification of the light to make sure it really is fit for purpose, particularly with regards to ambient temperature, which can easily be overlooked.  Sometimes the fitting will only have a low ambient operating temperature, 35 degrees, say.  If your ambient is higher, perhaps 40degrees, this will void the warranty.

Is the guarantee for the luminaire only?

Does it include installation?
Is it a return to supplier guarantee?
Is it for the LED only or does it include the driver (power supply)?

LEDs, in the correct conditions, may well last 50k hours (6 years at 24/7 usage) but will the power supply?  The industry average for power supply failure is 7/1000 supplies.  This suggests that several of your fittings may be guaranteed to fail.  Has the supplier/you taken this into account?

Then, check the supplier.  Will they be around in the coming years to support the guarantee? It’s all very well having a 5 year guarantee but if the installer/lighting supplier has closed down, who is going to honour it?

If you’d like to discuss your options with Earlsmann, please get in touch.

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