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Create safer car parks with LED lighting

Good lighting has a huge impact on how users perceive car park safety. In the latest of several successful projects for Medway Council in Kent, LED lighting specialist Earlsmann and installer NCS Technology have helped the authority to improve lighting at Britton Farm car park – creating savings of 65%.

Working together to create a brighter environment

Earlsmann’s collaborative partnership with Kent-based installer NCS Technology is proving highly effective, with NCS installing lighting schemes and Earlsmann providing the designs and custom-made LED luminaires and fittings. Projects delivered by Earlsmann and NCS Technology for Medway Council to date include leisure centre and swimming pool lighting, and several car parking sites.

At the Britton Farm car park, the aged fluorescent lighting was extremely dark and dingy, with many vandalised lights. This created an unpleasant environment that felt unsafe and unwelcoming to users. NCS Technology won the tender to design and install a new lighting scheme and contacted Earlsmann to provide the LED lighting.

Software modelling informs lighting scheme design

Earlsmann modelled the scheme using Relux software. This informed the choice of the Portsmouth Non-Corrosive LED light fitting. This reliable unit meets the requirements of BS 5489 (road lighting code of practice), providing good uniformity and light levels, and is suitable for replacing both standard and emergency fittings.

Built-in security features reduce vandalism

Earlsmann has specific expertise in car park lighting, and was able to modify its standard Portsmouth fittings to add tamper-proof clips that require a tool to be used to unclip the diffuser. This helps to prevent vandals from damaging the fittings, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Transforming the lit environment through expertise in LEDs

Following installation of the new car park lighting, the area is now very bright, with great visibility that provides a safe and secure environment for users. The highly efficient and reliable lighting minimises the need for maintenance, creating savings and allowing the local authority to focus its resources more effectively.

LED lighting investment rewarded with quick payback

Medway Council took advantage of a Salix energy efficiency public finance loan to fund the project. The new LED lighting provides impressive savings of up to 65% from day one through reduced energy use and maintenance costs – easily satisfying the five-year payback period required by the Salix funding.

Earlsmann – your experienced partner in creating total lighting solutions

Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace and manufactures lighting units at its factory in the UK, producing high-quality, reliable products underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products call 08456 434 740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk.

Britton Farm Car Park Before


Before: The old fluorescent lighting created a dark and dingy environment that felt unsafe and unwelcoming





Car Park Safety Lighting at Britton Farm


After: The new bright and welcoming LED lighting provides a safe and secure environment for car park users




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