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Intelligent Lighting Control using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, refers to the ability to use an ethernet cable to carry both power and data to and from whatever is connected.

Historically, ethernet cables have not been used to power lighting devices since the power demands were too much for the cable to transmit. However, recent developments in LEDs has made lights sufficiently energy efficient that one ethernet cable can now power and control multiple fixtures.

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The entire system is powered and controlled over standard ethernet connections. This means it’s not only easier and more economical to install than traditional lighting, but network-enabled lighting components give you immediate access and control over the entire system.


Connect enabled devices — LED light fixtures of all types, motion sensors, daylight sensors, switches and more — to your network through ethernet cables and a network switch.


Once connected all of the hardware is online and connected to the network. The application interface allows you to quickly and wirelessly discover hardware on the network.


Using the application interface, it’s simple to create virtual spaces that contain sets of devices. This allows you to manage and adjust which lights, switches, and sensors belong to which unique space.


Devices work intelligently together, so there’s no need to wire switches or sensors directly to different fixtures. Instead, you assign the attached devices through the application interface. This tells the software which controls should work together.

It knows

After creating spaces and assigning controls, the entire system just works. The intelligent design of the software allows it to handle complex interactions as expected. Even with multiple lights, switches sensors, and complex requirements, the entire system is ready to function autonomously

Easy, low-voltage installation

Because PoE voltages are typically less than 60 volts, they don’t need conduit or metal cladding which in turn helps increase the speed of installations, decreases the hazards of typical electrical work and dramatically reduces the overall cost of installation.

Enhanced control and flexibility

Once installed, PoE controlled devices can be moved quickly and reconnected to a new PoE system and immediately begin working again. Additionally, by having devices connected to a cable that also provides network data, one can use an application to manage and control large spaces to create custom commands that can be executed as needed.

Data analytics

Since data travels both ways, PoE LED lighting software not only sends data and commands, but also collects data to provide deeper insights, further cost savings, and opportunities to enhance the lighting environment for occupants.

Tunable White Lighting

There are benefits to having white tunable lights. To have a white-tunable environment means the lights are adjustable from warm to cool white.  Using the right balance of warm and cool lighting, building owners can benefit from  increased productivity, optimized shopping environments, enhanced learning environments and improved patient outcomes and recoveries.


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