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If you’re an SME in the Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Black Country areas and looking to upgrade your lighting, you might be eligible for an LED lighting grant.

Low Carbon Workspaces helps small to medium sized enterprises identify opportunities to reduce energy usage and provides grant funding to help pay for the installation of energy efficiency solutions.

How much funding is available?A.C-Entertainment

The grant available is for £1,000 – £5,000 and is match funded on a 2:1 basis. For example the total project expenditure must be a minimum of £3,000 to receive the minimum £1,000 grant, or £15,000 to receive the maximum grant size of £5,000. Total project expenditure is not limited to £15,000.


However there are some organisations who are not eligible for the grant:

  • Franchises
  • Social welfare (hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, sports facilities, parks and public facilities such as libraries)
  • School-age educational establishments
  • Child-minding facilities
  • Organisations directly involved in the primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products (including fishery and aquaculture)
  • Coal, steel, shipbuilding and synthetic fibre industries
  • Banking and insurance companies
  • Organisations ineligible for State Aid
  • Organisation that have received more than €200,000 in State Aid in the last 3 rolling years

About Earlsmann

Earlsmann has specialised in LED lighting solutions for over 11 years.  Whether that’s a simple office or reception or a complex leisure centre, multi-storey car park or warehouse, we can offer a solution.

As it is most cost effective, we work closely with major LED lighting manufacturers including CREE and Venture Lighting and use their standard products.

Where they don’t have a standard LED light, we adapt it or simply manufacture our own.  Remedial work can be expensive, we are experts in thinking through the whole project and can come up with innovative ways to reduce or eliminate unwanted extra costs.

We are ISO9001 registered and members of the ILP.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in applying for a grant to fund a LED lighting installation please see the ‘How to Apply’ page or speak to Earlsmann Lighting today.

These grants are proving a real hit, which means they may not last very long.

Contact us on 08456 434740 or email sales@earlsmann.co.uk


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