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EL panels

Product Code: ELPxx


  • Astronomy
  • Back lighting
  • Photo frames
  • Signage

Earlsmann’s range of low cost EL panels comes in a choice of standard sizes and has many applications. These panels give an evenly distributed light ideal for back lighting, photography and astronomy.  They are as thin as a credit card and can be cut to shape/size with scissors and sealed with adhesive tape or Star Brite. They may be installed using self adhesive tapes, Velcro or simply mounted in a frame.

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Battery or mains operated Flexible
Flexible Fits contours
Long Life Low maintenance
No UV or heat Safe with textiles and art

More Information

Thickness 0.010 – 0.020 inches (0.254 – 0.508 mm)
Each panel is supplied complete with an inverter.
Sizes A6-A4 can be run from a battery pack but larger sizes will require
either the use of a 12V power supply or mains inverter.

Nominal Overall Size Lit Area
L       W       L      W
A1   840   594   820   574
A2   598   423   580   404
A3   415   313   401   301
A4   309   210   301   201
A5   201   151   194   144
A6   146   103   140    97

About Earlsmann

Earlsmann are a commercial LED lighting company providing a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application. In-house designers use Relux modelling to create innovative solutions tailored to client requirements.

Our services are underpinned by a full five-year warranty.


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