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Reduce glare and upgrade your indoor tennis court with new LED Lighting

Earlsmann are specialists in designing, supplying and installing LED Lighting for Indoor Tennis Courts across the UK.

LED Tennis Court Lighting offers bright, high quality light, that supports high performance in sport. With LEDs you’ll also only consume a fraction of energy compared to traditional lighting.

Of course it’s not just indoor tennis you can light this way.  Bowling greens, squash, badminton courts – anything where glare would be an issue.

What are the benefits to upgrading to LEDs?

  • Increase in energy savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved light levels delivering a brighter, more pleasant environment for tennis players
  • Low maintenance, due to its longevity and reliability

To increase your energy savings even further, we can also discuss the use of daylight harvesting sensors to maintain light levels when daylight is available. Also, motions sensors to turn lighting off when the courts are not in use.

Indoor Tennis Lighting Project

We have recently come across a rather novel way of lighting indoor courts which we think is worth sharing as it is a very effective in both performance and cost.

We were asked to quote to replace the lighting on an indoor tennis court.  Simple enough, but the current arrangement was rather unusual.  It was lit with 4x6ft fluorescent fittings the entire length of the court on both sides located more or less at 6m directly above the doubles side lines. (off the playing area) They were angled at about 30deg from vertical.

Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

One solution is obviously to simply replace the tubes with LED but this would mean rewiring each fitting and cleaning the diffusers.

We considered a different approach and modelled the court with our Turin 600×600 suspended ceiling panel and was amazed at the result.

Good overall illumination and uniformity, minimal glare and, since these panels are solid, unlike the fluorescent fittings, they are robust and less prone to damage from mis-hit balls.

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If you have something you need lit – give us the challenge to come up with something different! We provide a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

Earlsmann supplies its LED lighting solutions with a full five-year warranty.

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