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LED bulkhead

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Preston LED bulkheads are best for…

  • Car parks and other public areas and amenities
  • Hotels and conference centres
  • Corridors, walkways and stairwells
  • Cold stores and freezer rooms
  • Stations and platforms areas

Choose the Preston LED 2D bulkhead light for impressive savings.

The Preston LED 2D bulkhead light is suitable for external and internal use. From car parks and walkways, hotels and cold stores. It’s also ideal as emergency lighting.  We can provide units with full three-hour backup.

The Preston LED 2D bulkhead light is available as 15W providing high lumen output in neutral white.

It offers significant power savings when compared with 28W and fluorescent 2D lighting types.

We use light engines with integrated sensors and emergency drivers to keep manufacturing osts as low as possible.

Good to know– by adding the microwave sensor option to your Preston LED 2D  bulkhead light you can achieve even more impressive energy savings. Contact us for further details.

The union flag UK manufacture and 5 year warranty


If you require photometrics for Relux modelling, please ask and we will forward the files

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Preston LED bulkhead 010515B/[/ultimate_modal]

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Benefit from…

Low power consumption – Reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
Instant start, full brightness at turn on – Improved safety
Long life with reduced maintenance – Lower running costs

More Information


Efficacy >100lm/W
Colour Rendering Index >80Ra
Voltage 220-240Vac 50/60Hz
Markings CE, ROHS
Output 1550lm
LED life >50000hrs L70
Colour Temp NW = 4000K
Power factor >0.9
Power (total) 15W
Weight <2.5kg
Sealing IP65
Ambient temp. -20oC to +40oC
Dimensions (mm) DR dia 321×97
DS 250x250x90
Integral microwave sensor upto 10m range, 360o, 10sec to 30min


Microwave sensor on/off or 10% preset
Daylight sensor
Corner stirrup mount
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