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LED Florescent Tubes

Product Code: EBT

Bespoke LED tubes are best for…

  • Example – balustrade Lighting

Bespoke LED Fluorescent Tubes

Earlsmann were approached by WSP to develop and manufacture an LED tube for the Golden Jubilee footbridges.

The task was to develop a tube to replace unreliable cold cathode tubes which were installed in the balustrading. They were used to light the footpath and also needed to be seen from the river. In addition one side was to be blue and the other warm white and they were a special length and had to mount in the existing brackets.  Other problems to overcome were vandalism and safety and an inhospitable environment.  The drivers were to be mounted in bays under the footpath and were up to 35m from the tube

To meet the criteria Earlsmann built a prototype tube in polycarbonate with LEDs on both sides of an aluminium heatsink which was approved by the client, Wesminster City Council.

The final product was was sealed to IP68 and ran on 24Vdc to overcome voltage drop.  Both sides were in warm white as the balustrade had a blue diffuser facing the river.

Client:  Westminster City Council
Design and delivery:  WestOne, a joint venture between WSP Group PLC, FM Conway and Murphy Group
Contractor: Proctors are a sub-contractor to Conway’s and thus WestOne

Photograph: Lissi Howard

Benefit from…

LED Technology – excellent reliability
Long life, reduced maintenance – Lower running costs
Low power consumption – Reduced energy usage, reduced CO2

More Information

Earlsmann are keen to work on similar bespoke projects.  If you have a lighting system which is proving to be unreliable or expensive to maintain and run, it may be time to consider an alternative product.  If so, allow us to work with you to develop a cost effective and reliable solution.

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