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Backlit glass using LumaPex™ with unlit image insert

Product Code: Illuminated Glass


  • Bar back
  • Decor
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Splash back

Earlsmann are pleased to offer illuminated glass tiles and splash backs in conjunction with Rupert Scott Glass. The Earlsmann LumaPexTM ultra-thin light panel is used behind the hand crafted glasswork to bing designs to life. With the minimum of heat and no UV there will be no fading of colour. Tiles can be used in most locations including kitchens and bathrooms since they run on 12Vdc. The connecting wire is simply set into the wall before tiling. Larger panels and splash backs can be mounted in the same way or hung on a wall as a feature.

All items are made to order.



Bright Excellent for subtle illumination
Cool white LED Good colour rendering
Glass tile Very durable
No UV, minimal heat No discolouring of images

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Operating voltage 12Vdc
Size Dimensions depend on application
Thickness Typically 20mm





For plain splash backs please see separate datasheet.

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