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Funding for LED Lighting & 5 Year GuaranteeFunding for LED Lighting

Historically, when a bulb breaks it is simply replaced.  Blown lamps are a fact of life and a guarantee has never been available.  However, with LED lighting costing rather more, lighting users are looking for extended guarantees to protect their investment.  The majority of LED lighting now comes with an extended guarantee.  However, who is offering the guarantee and who is going to honour it in a few years time?

Earlsmann provide the first year guarantee and a fully independant extended guarantee for years 2-5, underwritten by their insurers, on their UK manufactured lighting products.  This will provide complete peace of mind to users who can be sure that, should there be a problem, it will be resolved.

Please note: the 5 year guarantee does not include batteries.

Finance & Funding for LED Lighting

Finding the funding for a new project can be difficult in these recessionary times.  Legislation is forcing companies and local authorities to reduce their carbon footprint and energy use but the initial finance can be difficult to raise.

Earlsmann recognise this and, where appropriate, are able to offer finance for up to 5 years.  We take both running costs and maintenance into account when calculating the repayment period.  Often the cost of maintenance is underestimated as it may be in a different cost centre.


Leasing your lighting may be an excellent option.  With tax relief available on rentals it can work out cheaper than simply buying your lighting

To find out more about our warranty and finance please call our sales office.

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