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Halogen Ban - Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs became obsolete as from 1st September 2018. Once existing stocks have gone, that is it. No new halogen light bulbs will be imported into the EU.

So what can you do about it? Simple, buy an LED equivalent.  They have dropped significantly in price in the last couple of years so they are now very affordable.

Benefits to you are that LED bulbs, typically, only use around 5-10 Watts compared with around 50W for halogen, so a fraction of the energy, making them much cheaper to run and they run much cooler.

And the environment benefits too!  The reduction in power also means a reduction in harmful CO2.

Halogen Light Bulb
LED Bulb

LED Lighting – Industrial Applications

Simply replacing halogen light bulbs in an industrial environment is often not the best solution.  LED luminaires are designed to get the maximum performance out of LEDs.  By putting a new LED bulb in an existing fitting you still have the same reflector losses so not as efficient as one may think.  Also, LEDs don’t like heat.  An old luminaire will likely trap heat around the bulb causing premature failure.

So, the more efficient installation uses complete luminaires but they are very often bought like a replacement bulb.

“Oh, a 50W flood will do that for you, Sir”, offers the local wholesaler. They can be cheap for contractors to buy and install with little regard for British Standards, CIBSE guidelines or quality and no thought whatsoever about how it is being used.

LEDs work differently from Halogen/MH/SON/fluorescent lights.  Colour temperatures may be different, lumen output is different and beam angles certainly are different.  It is important to make sure your space is lit correctly to avoid health and safety issues such as being too dark or too much glare.

How can Earlsmann help?

Earlsmann are specialist LED lighting solution providers with many years experience in the commercial/industrial market place.  We provide LED lighting solutions in key markets such as office and warehousing, car parks, leisure/sports centres and schools.

As a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions Earlsmann understand the relevant standards and work with you to ensure you have an LED lighting solution that will work and be good value for money.  Through experience, we know what will work and back that up with Relux light simulation models to ensure, as far as possible, you get the light level and performance as recommended by the standards and guidelines.

Contact us to discuss your project by email, sales@earlsmann.co.uk or give us a call on 08456 434740.

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