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Earlsmann Lighting Illuminates Mid Devon District Council’s Tennis Courts

Earlsmann Lighting Illuminates Mid Devon District Council’s Tennis Courts

Earlsmann Lighting Illuminates Mid Devon District Council’s Tennis Courts with LED Technology

In a quest to enhance sustainability and improve energy efficiency, the Mid Devon District Council has partnered with Earlsmann Lighting to upgrade the lighting systems at its Lords Meadow tennis courts. This collaboration highlights the council’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices while ensuring the best possible playing conditions for tennis enthusiasts. By adopting Earlsmann’s cutting-edge LED lighting solutions, the council aims to achieve significant energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and an enhanced playing experience for athletes and spectators alike.

The Transformation:

The transformation of Lords Meadow Tennis Courts began when the Mid Devon District Council recognized the need for an upgraded lighting system to improve the playing conditions. After thorough research and consultations, the council selected Earlsmann Lighting as their trusted partner for this ambitious project.

Earlsmann Lighting, a renowned provider of LED lighting solutions, brought their expertise to the table and proposed a comprehensive lighting overhaul.  Key considerations were the impact on local residents and asymmetric column positions.  Their team designed a bespoke lighting solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of the tennis courts.

The installation involved replacing the existing conventional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED luminaires, delivering a multitude of benefits to both the players and the environment.  The final design eliminated glare in adjacent property.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting:

Earlsmann Lighting is renowned for its expertise in designing and supplying high-quality LED lighting solutions. The company’s LED luminaires are renowned for their outstanding energy efficiency, long lifespan, and exceptional illumination. By replacing the outdated conventional lighting systems with Earlsmann’s LED technology, the Mid Devon District Council is taking a significant step toward reducing its carbon footprint and achieving its sustainability goals.

Enhanced Visibility and Performance:

The installation of Earlsmann Lighting’s LED luminaires has brought about a significant improvement in visibility at Lords Meadow Tennis Courts. The high-quality illumination provided by LEDs enables players to have clear visibility of the ball and court lines, enhancing safety and performance during matches. The even and uniform distribution of light eliminates shadows and glare, ensuring that every corner of the court is properly lit.

Benefits for Mid Devon District Council:

The decision to upgrade the lighting system at the tennis courts with Earlsmann’s LED luminaires brings several advantages to the Mid Devon District Council. Firstly, LED lighting is known to consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting sources, leading to substantial cost savings on electricity bills. This reduction in energy consumption contributes to the council’s broader commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.


The collaboration between Earlsmann Lighting and the Mid Devon District Council to upgrade the lighting system at Lords Meadow Tennis Courts highlights the positive impact that advanced LED technology can have on recreational facilities. The implementation of energy-efficient LED luminaires has not only enhanced visibility and performance on the courts but also demonstrated the council’s commitment to sustainable development.

The successful transformation of Lords Meadow Tennis Courts sets a benchmark for other sports facilities, encouraging them to adopt eco-friendly lighting solutions. With Earlsmann Lighting’s expertise and the Mid Devon District Council’s forward-thinking approach, this project serves as a shining example of how LED lighting can revolutionize recreational spaces, improving experiences for athletes and reducing environmental impact simultaneously.

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