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Earlsmann LED lighting updates

We’re into the new year and have been busy with a number of updates.

Within the Lighting Group we have updated all out data sheets for all our interior and exterior LED lighting products to reflect developments with LED lighting components.  A number of new Ledil reflectors have become available with efficiency over 93% allowing greater efficacy of our luminaires. These are used on our Brighton High and Low bay lights, Stafford and Dover flood lights.

The Dover is a completely new product developed in the last few weeks in response to requests for a waterproof bay light.  Already these are being used by Redbridge Council on their Liston Road estate to illuminate  the ground from the apartment tops and at Heathrow to illuminate some of the undercroft.

Ledil have also introduced a new lens – Stella.  This is also 93% efficient and lead to the new Telford 2 LED street light which is also now specified by Redbridge council for their car parks and walkways.

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