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Product Code: 304

CREE 304 series LED lights are best for…

  • Swimming pools and sports halls
  • Car parks
  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Amenity areas
  • Canopy lighting

CREE 304 series LED light

SOLID_Cree-logo-blue The CREE 304 series LED  light is extremely versatile.  It has a versatile design constructed from diecast and extruded aluminium making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.  They are particularly suitable for use where there may be adverse conditions such as wind, moisture and vibration.

The drivers are mounted in weather tight chambers with access from below the luminaire.

They use the latest CREE technology to deliver high performance.  There is a wide choice of lenses available to control the beam and get light exactly where it is wanted.

The mounting brackets allow adjustment through 180 degrees with 5 degree increments.


Guarantee – 10 years for the luminaire and 10 years on the Colorfast DeltaGuard finish

Full photometric files and datasheets are available on request.

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Cree, 304 Series, Mount 4, PR Optic

Cree, 304 Series, Mount 4, QVS Optic[/ultimate_modal]

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Benefit from…

Low power consumption – Reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
Long Life, reduced maintenance costs – Lower running costs
Excellent colour rendering – Improved safety

More Information


Colour temperature 4000K
Efficacy 110 lm/W *
Colour rendering 70Ra/80Ra
Voltage 220 – 240Vac 50/60Hz
Markings  CE/ENEC
LED life Ta=25oC >100,000 hours L70
Power factor >0.9 at full load
Colour White (standard)
Dimensions (body) 367 x 335 x 194
Weight 10kg
Mounting Stirrup
Sealing IP65
Ambient operating temp -25oC – +40oC


Dimming 1-10
Colour temp 4000K, 5700K
 Colour  Black, Silver


System Power (W)* LEDs Luminaire output Lm*
46 40 5300
66 60 8000
70 40 7700
99 60 11500
91 40 9750
132 60 14600

* output depends on colour temp and optic

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