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Regents arcade top car park

LED globe amenity light
MARLOW – LED globe amenity light

Top deck LED globe amenity light for car parks

Having provided a good solution for the multi-storey aspect, Earlsmann was asked to provide an LED gear tray for the existing globe lighting on the top deck of the Regents Arcade Car Park  in Cheltenham.

Due to the poor condition of the existing globes it wasn’t a practical proposition so Earlsmann designed a complete LED globe amenity light.

Mounting an LED was straight forward but two problems needed to be overcome; first, light distribution and second, heat.

To achieve a suitable light distribution a RELUX model of the light was developed so that a cone could be manufactured to precise dimensions and provide the uniformity required.

Next, the heat issue was addressed.  Due to the lumen output required it wasn’t possible to rely on internal convection to remove heat from the LED.  The globe is a sealed polycarbonate sphere with no airflow which isn’t LED.   However, our designers took advantage of the closed, dust free environment and used a small cooling fan directly above the vulnerable LED to disperse the heat generated and into contact with the large surface area of the globe.  In most applications a fan could not be used as dust would quickly slow or even stall the fan causing premature failure of the light.

Where a standard product isn’t available, Earlsmann specialise in providing engineered solutions tailored to the application

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