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Bespoke LEDs meet the challenge of lighting large outdoor areas

LED lighting is ideal for large external spaces – it is bright, reliable, and can be adjusted to minimise overspill into adjoining areas. LED specialist Earlsmann worked with energy management consultant Ignite Energy based in Oxfordshire, to provide a successful solution to lighting a challenging space at a builders’ merchant yard in Purfleet, Essex. The client is now enjoying excellent light levels and significant savings in running costs.

Ignite Energy - New LED Lighting

A bespoke solution: The new LED lighting provides excellent light levels while meeting the challenges posed by column positioning and site area, providing an effective, value-for-money solution for the client


The challenge for LED lighting – a large area and restricted light positions

Following an introduction at an exhibition, Ignite Energy asked Earlsmann to provide a solution to a current project in illuminating a large builders’ merchant yard in Purfleet, Essex. The area was around 100m x 70m, and columns could only be mounted along three sides of the perimeter due to the proximity to a local residential area. To meet planning restrictions, the lights could only be mounted at a maximum height of 8m. This presented a real challenge for achieving good uniformity across the site.

Developing an understanding of client needs to inform LED selection

Earlsmann worked closely with Ignite to understand the end client’s needs and maximise the benefits of the investment in LED technology. The target light level was 20 lux with 0.25 uniformity. Modern LED floodlights typically have a 90- or 120-degree beam angle and so are unable to throw light over large distances. It is costly to install lighting columns, so it was important to minimise the overall number needed. The possibility of installing columns in the middle of the existing concrete slab was quickly ruled out, as this would have been very expensive.

Creating effective LED lighting solutions through in-house capabilities

Using its in-house capabilities to create custom units, Earlsmann selected asymmetric beam modules as the basis to design a bespoke fitting – the Brighton Si.  The new units feature 4,000K colour temperature (selected to minimise disruption to wildlife) and comprise up to four LED modules. Housings can be joined to provide up to 480W, generating 65,000 lumens. Earlsmann undertook Relux modelling to assess the impact of the lighting, which showed the new units would achieve 28 lux with 0.26 uniformity – using only nine columns along the three available sides – and would not cause a nuisance to local properties.

Investment in LED lighting rewarded by multiple benefits

The new lighting has fulfilled the brief of effectively lighting a large area using a limited number of units. The new LEDs minimise energy use, start instantly, and require minimal maintenance – creating a great value solution for the client. The lighting levels meet CIBSE guidelines, and provide a safe area for loading, unloading and manual handling for workers on site. Following the project, Earlsmann has continued to develop the Brighton Si into a complete product range with multiple wattage and beam angle choices.

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Earlsmann has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace, providing a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application. In-house designers use Relux modelling to create innovative solutions tailored to client requirements.

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