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LED 2D Replacement Lamp

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The Earlsmann "Plug & Play" LED replacements for 2D lamps are perfect for commercial applications where high efficiency and long life, to reduce maintenance costs, are important. They emit no UV, run cool and have a service life up to 50000 hours and have a 5 year warranty against premature failure. Unlike fluorescent lamps they are not affected by cold temperatures. Due to the high number of LEDs used, they provide an attractive even glow compared with a traditional 2D where the unsightly element can often be seen.

These 2D replacements are 194mm x 194mm x 32mm and equivalent to a traditional 28 Watt 2D

They simply plug into the existing luminaire socket without the need for rewiring.

PIR operation: LED products, unlike fluorescent lamps, are not prone to premature failure when used with a PIR.  Stresses on a normal lamp at turn on causes early failure in more than 25% of cases.  LEDs do not have this problem since they are a semiconductor and are unaffected.  Additionally, due to their ability to turn on at full brightness even in cold conditions, they are particularly suitable for PIR operation in unheated areas which improves safety.  The use of a separate PIR is the best solution when control of multiple luminaires is required

Recently launched is our LED 2D with microwave sensor which has a 1-15m range and time can be set from 6 secs to 45mins.  This is ideal when only 1 or 2 fittings require sensor control.

A special version of the microwave sensor provides a permanent 10% set level.  This is ideal for dark corridors adn passages where a permanent level of lighting is desirable

Also available is a combined sensor/emergency version making this a highly versatile lamp.

For emergency operation we provide an integral non-maintained 1W white LED with full 3 hour battery operation.

     UK manufacture

If you require photometric files for Relux modelling, please ask

Images below show the product connector detail.

  • LED 2D Replacement Lamp
Features Benefits
Instant StartImproved safety
Long LifeReduced maintenance costs
Low PowerReduced energy use & CO2

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Sealing None
Voltage 220-240 Vac 50/60Hz
Markings CE
Colour Cool White 5-6000K
Power 12 Watts
Output 1000 lm average
Efficacy 83lm/W
LEDs 192



Colour Warm White 3-4000K
Emergency 1W white, 3hr operation, non-maintained
Microwave Set 6 secs to 45mins, 1-15m
Safety Permanent 10% light level

Our LED 2D replacement lamps are simple to install. Disconnect the supply.

Switch Start - simply remove the starter and install the LED replacement into the socket.

With electronic ballasts, YOU MUST disconnect the wires from the ballast and rejoin. ie disconnect the ballast from the circuit. Install the LED replacement into the socket. Reconnect the supply and the lamp will operate normally.

Please call our Technical Department for any advice required on 08456 434740

NOTE : Only use a qualified electrician to remove the ballast.

2D in John Radcliffe Hospital

Our LED 2D fitted in John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

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