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Dual 2 in 1 LED emergency lights are best for…

  • Small rooms
  • Cloakrooms
  • Refuge areas

Dual 2 in 1 LED Emergency Light

Earlsmann’s Dual 2 in 1 LED Emergency luminaire is available for external and internal use and is ideal for small rooms and refuges areas.

It solves the dilemna of BS5266-1 6.3 which requires that, in the event of a power failure and to avoid the risk of occupants being left in complete darkness, light from at least 2 emergency luminaires, should be visible in each zone.

Key is the inclusion of a second, non maintained independent emergency circuit in a single housing. This saves the costly installation of 2 separate fittings; often impractical and unsightly in a small room.

The main light is a 15W LED bulkhead providing high lumen output in neutral white and offers significant power savings when compared with 28W fluorescent 2D lighting types. Options include microwave sensor and a 20% preset comfort level.

Our 2 in 1 Dual LED emergency lights are manufactured to comply with

Good to know – these units have 2 independent emergency lights to comply with current legislation

Benefit from…

Minimal maintenance – Reduced costs
Single unit- Easy to install, reduced costs
2 in 1 luminaire – Attractive and practical


Output 2 x120lm lumens output
Status indicator 2 x Green LED
Battery life 1x 3 hour maintained, 1x non maintained
Charge time 24 hours
Supply 220-230V 50/60Hz

Galaxy style – interior use
Dimensions 425 dia x 117 Ip20

Bulkhead – exterior use
Dimensions 321 dia x 97 IP65

LED Epistar,
Output 1200lm
Power 15w
Efficacy 100lm/W (LED)
Colour temp 4000K
Colour rendering 80Ra
Life 50000 hrs L70



Microwave Sensor – on/off or 20% comfort feature
Daylight sensor